Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Currently Loving...#1

Recently, I've been scrolling through alot of different beauty & fashion bloggers and their sites. I've found alot I'm enjoying and their posts are really good reads as well. Beauty, Fashion and Food. (All a girl needs, right!)

What Olivia Did:

I love reading this girls blog posts, and she writes about so many different areas and has an array of things to post about. I especially enjoy reading her fashion posts and love seeing her beautiful outfits put together. Her style is so chic and effortless, it is to die for! 


I don't know how I found this girl but I'm sure as hell glad I did. She writes about anything and everything, and I love that. It's something new and something different each time she uploads. I love her beauty posts because her photos are gorgeous and her writing is beautiful.

The Londoner:

Her blog is so beautiful and grown up. Her style is beautiful, and I love reading her food posts. It always looks so yummy! Honestly makes my mouth water and stomach growl like you wouldn't believe. 


I love this girls beauty posts, you can find anything and everything and you won't be disappointed. Her beauty hauls are amazing and her product reviews are in so much depth yet so simple. It's confusing, so you need to go and see for yourself! 


Gorgeous girl, Gorgeous posts. Need I say anymore? Why are you still reading! Go and check these guys out! gh0st parties posts are so beautiful, and her photos are so pretty. Ever since I found her blog I haven't been off it, I'm hooked! It's official, you heard it here first guys!

Who's your favourite current blogger?

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