Monday, 14 July 2014

For the Love of Coffee

Not your usual blog post, and to be honest I haven't seen anyone blogging on their love of coffee. Mine's more than a love it's turning into an obsession. So much so that I can't wake up in the morning unless I have a good old fashioned brew! I can't even go a whole day without having atleast 2 or three cups of coffee.
When I'm feeling down or I've had a bad day I like to get into my pajamas or comfy clothes, sit back with a cup of coffee and relax on my own away from everyone just so I can have some time to think and un-wind. 

The Kenco Millicano Wholebean Instant Sunlight Blend is my everyday coffee as it's alot lighter than your normal coffee. I'm not a fan of strong coffee but then again I don't like it to be weak either and this blend is the perfect in between type. It's very light, very refreshing and doesn't feel like you're drinking coffee which is weird but it still wakes me up in the morning or even perks me up when I'm running low on energy. 

I actually prefer the cheaper versions of Gold Coffee, because the original Gold will set you back close to a tenner for a pot and for coffee I think that's slightly ridiculous! Decaf is perfect for when I'm absolutely shattered but don't want to be up all night from the aftermath of the instant coffee. This tastes really light as well and doesn't keep me up all night. Then I can go to bed feeling refreshed.

The original Kenco Millicano is quite strong, and it's perfect for when you are lacking alot of energy and need an instant re-charge. I rarely have this one as I save it for when I'm needing a massive pick me up. 

Then there's the Nescafe Azera Americano Coffee which is very similar to the original Kenco Millicano. It's a very strong coffee that comes in a powder form compared to the usual grains of coffee. Tastes very smooth and great for when my body and my brain need a wake up call.

What's your favourite type of coffee?

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