Thursday, 31 July 2014

New Obsession

My New Obsession, The Nike Free 5.0 Training Shoes. I never thought I'd be so obsessed with a pair of shoes but I am. They are so comfy and lightweight, they just make walking or running so much more easier. These shoes are so basic, with the monochrome black and white so they can go with alot of outifts, even if you're not planning on going running in them you can still dress them up or down. 

They're built for high-impact workouts and running, but personally that's not what I'm gonna use them for. They give my feet so much support and I finally feel like I'm walking properly. The transition from any normal shoe to these is quite weird at first, because it almost feels like you're walking on trampolines. The heel of the shoe feels like it has much more support, and the grip on the underneath is incredible. They're very flexible and light, they give so much support to your feet. I've only had them a few days but I cannot stop wearing them, I want to go out now just so I can wear them. I am completely obsessed yet at the same time I want to leave them indoors so they don't get ruined. They look so good with jeans, especially when they're rolled up with frilly socks, it's almost a contrasting look and being able to mix trends. They're very stylist and look great with any casual outfit, perfect for day to day use.

What do you think of these trainers?


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