Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Q Radiance Body Spray

This post might be abit TMI at times, but I wanted to share my new love for Q Radiance Body Spray. I've been eyeing this up for a while and I finally caved in and bought one to test out and give a trial run. I've not seen a post on deodorant but I could be wrong?!

Let's start off with the packaging, it's small and compact in a 100ml bottle. The Bottle itself is a gorgeous mint green colour and I'm obsessing over this colour at the moment. (Crazy!) 

I chose the Radiance version which is a light, floral scent that smells very fresh and sophisticated and it seems to be more of an adult deodorant because of the scent. It isn't a typical flour scent like alot of them are, then you end up choking on the massive flour cloud that appears after you've sprayed your deodorant. With this, that doesn't happen! 

The Radiance Spray is actually described as a seductive blend of Rose and Bergamot. Sophisticated, rich and timeless. Exactly what I said right!? (Kind of...)

As a deodorant, I feel it stays on a long time and makes me feel fresh and protected throughout most of the day and I get the odd hint of it every now and then. It feels very cold when you spray it and not alot of them feel like that these days. A quick spritz of this and you're ready to take on anything, minus the excessive sweat patches! 

What's your favourite deodorant to use?

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