Saturday, 2 August 2014

Guest Post - Thoughts From My Bed

Hello everyone, My Name is Lope.     
I have been racking my head for what to write because this is a guest post and since this is a guest post I have to write something interesting and useful for the readers of this blog. 
Then it came to me in a vision (I'm joking) to write about beauty tips and trick that we might know or not know.

For my sisters like me who have dark circles under our eyes and concealers don't seem to work I have a solution for you my dear. The dark circles need to be colour corrected and most times colour correctors are a tab bit expensive. Here is the tip use a cheap or drug store lipstick to conceal those dark circles. For people medium skin to dark skin tones use an orange or red lipstick under your foundation.  Then people with lighter skin tones use a pink/salmon lipstick under your foundation. Also don't forget to blend it into your skin before you apply your foundation.

This tip also involves lipstick. You can use your lipstick as a blush, and your blush (cream) as your lipstick. This way you save money and look gorgeous.
Remember those old eye-liner pencils you have well you can turn them to gel liners all you have to do is burn the tip of your pencil, let it cool for 15 seconds and voilà!

Want your perfume to last longer during the day then this is where you should be spraying. Behind your ears, the base of your throat, inside your wrist, inside your elbow and behind your knee. This should keep your perfume lasting all day.

If you want fuller looking eyelashes, then the trick is to tight line your eyes. Take an eye-liner be it gel or a matte eye-liner (don't use liquid) with an angled or flat brush and apply the eye-liner underneath your top lashes (i.e. your waterline)

If you have run out of eye-liner and you need to use then this is an alternative. Strike a matchstick, dip the blackened in a little water and line your eyes. Easy as ABC.

When taking of your make-up at night and especially eye-liner and mascara that won't budge, Coconut oil is a great eye-make up remover. You can also read my post where I raved about the use of coconut oil HERE. 
So those are beauty tips that I have learnt over the years and employ into my routine. So in the comment below tell me if you knew any of the tip and use them and if you will be using any of this tips. 

If you are interested you can come find me over at my blog HERE
Lope xoxo

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  1. Great tips :) I have been told that spraying perfume on your hair also helps the fragrance to last xx

    Brenda |


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