Thursday, 7 August 2014

Statement Colour

I think any outfit needs a pop of colour, even if you already have colour in your outfit a necklace really draws everything together and completes an outfit. These necklaces suit any outfit and could be styled either dressed down and casual or dressed up for a night out.

The Flower Necklace retails at £19.99 from Zara and is a beautiful statement piece, especially if you're missing a pop of colour in your outfit and need something to standout. This can be styled with anything and will give any outfit a gorgeous lift of elegance and chic. The Flowers made out of studs give this necklace a more rougher, edgier look and makes it standout more. 

The Braided Necklace retails for £19.99 at Zara and is a gorgeous necklace that will certainly standout and catch a few eyes! The colours are so vibrant and out there. The good thing is with this necklace is that you can pair it either with just a casual shirt and jeans and make the necklace your standout piece or pair it with anything that's a similar colour. You could pair it with something like a blue chambray shirt and bright yellow skirt and it will still look beautiful! It's so beautiful and elegant yet the different textures and colours add an extra vibrancy and edge to the necklace.

The Combined Necklace retails for £19.99 at Zara and this necklace is very loud and vibrant! What's great about this necklace is not only the contrasting colours but also the different patterns throughout. With the standard silver chain detail running through the middle and the bright green zebra print contrasting against the pop of yellow and orange around the outside, how could your eyes not be drawn to this statement piece! It can be paired with any outfit, either as a statement piece and something to tie together the outfit. It can also be dressed up or down and be worn in transition from day to night. 

The Rhinestone Necklace retails at £29.99 at Zara and is slight different that the other necklaces because of the rhinestones that make this piece more elegant and chic. I love the contrasting colours in this necklace, it's almost something Audrey Hepburn would wear because it is so elegant and timeless. The deep blue and soft brown tones make this necklace gorgeous as well as the light, old fashioned green colours. 

Which Necklace would you choose?

*Images from Zara


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  2. The flower necklace is so pretty! I would definitely wear that for a pop of color.
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