Tuesday, 9 September 2014


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I love reading posts like this because it helps me find new beauty blogs I would have never have found before. Not only beauty, but fashion, lifestyle and travel are my favourite reads.
I stumbled across Tuula completely on a whim, I found her through bloglovin when I was scrolling through the popular fashion posts. Not only do I love the name of her blog, it's so effortlessly beautiful but also her fashion and lifestyle posts are like nothing I've seen before.(This blog may give you the holiday blues!)
If this blog doesn't make you buy something I don't know what will, Late Night Nonsense, this will only make you crave anything beauty related. She makes blogging look easy and effortless, her photo's are breathtaking and her blog is so chic and appealing. 
This one made me giggle a little inside, when I searched for this blog pictures of beds in kitchens suddenly appeared everywhere. If Bed in the Kitchen doesn't stand out for its quirkiness then maybe its charm. Elegant and fascinating posts on everything beauty related, every product you could wish for you can find in the Bed in the Kitchen.  
Any beauty junkie will enjoy this one, Sophie's Make-up blog has anything and everything listed and reviewed. Her photography is something I've not seen, it's the prettiest of them all. Your getting the best from the business, as a Make-up and Hair artist Sophie knows every trick of the trade.

Who are you loving at the moment?


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