Monday, 17 November 2014


I forgot to mention I picked this up in Duty Free on my return when I recently went on holiday, it's a very beautiful palette to have in your collection, even the packaging is beautiful although not for the sticky fingers! The packaging is very simple, a mirrored effect that's very simple and chic. Clinique is a beauty brand that you can't go wrong with, it does high end beauty so well and has something for everyone. 

The shades are all so beautiful, there's a great mix of colours to complete any eye look with no over-whelming or dud shades that would suit all eyes; brown, hazel, blue, green and make your eyes pop. The Shadows are really creamy and easy to apply, with the rather sturdy dual ended applicator much to my amazement, they're easy to apply and just glide on the lids without any discomfort and tugging at the skin. All the shades are gorgeous, they range from pinks, purples and brown to greens and greys with a gorgeous white shade you can use in the inner corner of your eyes to make you look much more awake and like you've had your eight hours sleep. 

This is the perfect multi-tasker when it comes to different eye looks, you can create anything from a gorgeous nude eye to a heavy smokey eye look, all you need is this palette. I'm definitely going to collect more of these beautiful things, they're so compact and easy to carry around and with the dual ended brush inside there's no need to carry around a handful of brushes with you. You can literally pop this in your bag and off you go, this would fit in most make-up bags because it's quite a small and compact palette. 

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