Sunday, 26 October 2014


Some of these products are staples in my everyday skincare and make-up routine, products I've loved for a long-time and have never let me down - *Claps hands hysterically!* 

Let's start with my love obsession with coconut and the scent that reminds me of holidays - *slight crazy lady moment.* I can't live without this, it's so rich and creamy and super hydrating without the horrible greasy, sticky feeling. I can put this on straight before I climb into bed and I don't stick to my sheets - even the thought gives me nightmares.

The shade Santa Rose has to be one of the prettiest blush colours I've come across as it gives a gorgeous natural flush colour, blends out seamlessly and is very long-lasting. It's a perfect shades for my skintone, and I also included this blush in my everyday make-up post here.

Again, included in my everyday make-up routine - this is similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow as it gives a stroke of colour matching your natural brow colour, giving my brows a tint of colour and keeping them in place all day.

I'm not usually one for a matte complexion - not ideal for my dry skin but this keeps my make-up on all day, it's very hydrating and sinks in quickly. This is normally priced above £5 but it's always on offer, whether it's money off or on a 3 for 2 deal, I never buy this at full price!

Perfect for the colder months when my skin is alot drier because they're a cream as apposed to powder so much more hydrating. These are super creamy and very long-lasting with great pigmentation - I included these in my must have shadows here


  1. I found the brow drama a little too dramatic. But perhaps when I have had my eyebrows shaped and styled it might look better.

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Fab post, the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are one of my most favourite products! You have a gorgeous blog! x

  3. thee stay matte is one of the best inventions ever

    check me out!!



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