Sunday, 16 November 2014


I haven't done this post in a while and when I say 'a while' I mean over two months, but as I've been loving alot of new blogs I wanted to share them with you! Adding a little side-note in as to why the magazines above are old versions, I basically wanted to use this for a post whilst I was away in September but when it came round to it the post was fairly crappy and ending up going in the bin, literally! 

The Gypsy and the City -
A Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog written by the beautiful Courtney, this girl won me over just with her blog name. Her blog design is beautiful and very creative and her posts are on another level. I want her header, it's filled with everything a girl could wish for! 

Maddy's blog is so beautiful and simple, it's something I love reading and always go back to when I need a little inspiration. Her photo's are always flawless and just lovely to look at, I am so envious of her photo taking skills and her stunning backgrounds. 

I can't get enough of Kate's blog, gh0stparties is another one I reach for when I have that dreaded bloggers block.I am definitely envious of her home ware, the rose gold plant pots and pineapples make me a little jealous and her photos are always a joy to see!

I've been following Corrie for a while but only recently has she re-designed her blog and it's super girly and pretty in pink. She believes that 'life is too short for flat hair,' you'll understand if you've seen her hair! 

This blog is very charming with delicate, with gorgeous pictures and simple writing, it's definitely a great read! I wish we could swap blogs and no one know, I'll keep dreaming! Eventhough Alina's blog is simple, it's filled with detail and very straight to the point - you'll understand once you head over and see for yourself. 

I couldn't leave this Berrie-Blogs out, I've scrolling through my history for so long just so I could include it. BerrieBlogs is written by Aerin, with an amazing blog and a beautiful name I couldn't not scroll through her older posts. She's given me alot of inspiration and ideas about how I can make my own blog better. 

Lily Ann Loves -
I'm in love with her photography, this blog is very classic and elegant and her words are very simple yet straight to the point. I love the black and white theme of her blog because this will forever be on trend. I'm not gonna lie, I'm feeling a tad jealous at the moment. 

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