Monday, 16 June 2014

Beauty Bloggers I Love.

I understand we all have different needs and wants when it comes to beauty, although everyone enjoys a good read from time to time. These girls make every-day beauty fuss-free, helping us lot buy the products that are really worth the hype and will be well loved by any beauty fanatic out there. Let's get started! 

1: Viviannadoesmakeup

ViviAnna knows more than a thing or two about beauty, a self-confessed beauty junkie that dabbles in both drugstore and high-end products giving you the best of the best. Her blog is simple to follow, yet professional and well thought out. Also, a full-time Youtuber, her videos are not to be missed!

2: Hello October

Also known as Suzie, a lover of all things beauty. Her reviews are simple, yet detailed. Confusing I know, but once you visit her blog you'll understand! A lover of both drugstore and high end products, this girl has got it all covered. Another Youtuber I enjoy watching, how can you not right?!

3: Essie Button

I enjoy watching Essie Button not just because of her reviews on all things beauty and fashion, but also because of her vlog channel consisting of herself, her boyfriend Aslan and their dog Reggie, following them in and around the London Area 

4: Amelia Liana

There are many reasons as to why I love reading this girls blog and her Youtube videos. Not only does she spend alot of her time reviewing new products perfect for different skin types but also her taste in beauty is very similar to my own. And I am kinda jealous of her hair as well. Is that a real reason to love her blog, I hope so!  #feelingspendy

5: Lily Pebbles

You should of seen alot of Lily in Anna's videos, if not let me introduce you. Lily lives in the heart of London, only a short drive away from my other favourite bloggers. Her beauty reviews and videos on Youtube are just as good as the rest, but I am in love her style. Its chic, casual yet great for any girl that struggles with being bigger on top. You understand what I'm saying right?!  

So what you waiting for? Go and check these guys out! 

Leave me a comment as to who your favourite blogger/youtuber is.

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