Friday, 31 October 2014


Cream blushers are always a delightful piece of make-up to have in your stash or collection, whatever you have, they add to a natural look with gorgeous, flushing cheeks in every colour you could think of; pinks, reds and oranges.

They're a pleasure to use as well because they're so creamy and hydrating, and easily glide on and with their lasting power they stay put all day. They're a great item to use in the colder months because they add to where the cold would naturally make your skin appear pinker, so by enhancing your cheeks with a cream blusher it still looks natural and no one needs to know a thing. (Shhhh!) 

These are all so easy to use, even in stick form you can literally swipe this across your cheeks; blend, blend, blend and you're good to go. I'd say that Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Blushers are the most pigmented out of them all, you only need one swipe - so a little goes a long way with these. Whereas although the Max Factor Blushers aren't as pigmented they seem to be a tad creamier, they feel like silk when I run my finger continuously round in a circle to pick up a slight sheen of colour, too luxurious to be budget. 

Sexy Mother Blusher in Onamatopeacha, Pinker Belle and Berry Jamm. Revlon Pinched, Bourjois Exclusif and Max Factor Blush in Soft Copper, Soft Pink and Soft Murano.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Soap and Glory Kiss Ass Blur and Brighten Concealer is a piece I've had in my drawers waiting to used for a while, but I've never got round to using it. It's always been in the back on my mind and I've always caught it in the corner of my eye. When I first bought this and opened it, it ended up in the freezer because the crayon had stuck to the lid and consequently half of it had snapped off, that's why it's so messy! 

I was surprised at how good this actually is, it's really creamy and feels super velvety and luxurious - it's just a delight to use. It's really easy to blend out and buff in, it doesn't dry too quickly or end up gathering up in sections. With Medium, buildable coverage it covers my dark circles effortlessly and stays put with it's long-lasting powers. The yellow tone works against the pinky/red tones in my skin where I want to cover marks or redness and against the blues and purples in my under eye baggage, and sits well under foundation. What more do you want! Did I forget to mention it also comes in two shades light and medium and in crayon form, where you can twist the concealer up if you ever need more - Perfect for one the go!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I've had this piece in my collection for a while now, it's always been tucked away in my drawers because I've never really been bothered to use it. I don't know why, but something's always put me off. I noticed this a few weeks ago and thought this would be ideal to dust off during the Autumnal Season. 

LOreal Paris Colour Riche Quad Eye Palette are a beautiful thing to have in your stash, they're great for travelling, there's four gorgeous shades in one compact. This one, in Eau De Rose is perfectly suited to Autumn and Winter - the light to dark pinks and a strong burgundy to finish your smokey eye off.

The shades are stunning, feel really lightweight and velvety and apply super creamy and soft. The powders blend out seamlessly and feel extremely comfortable without drying or flaking away. The shades aren't seem matte or to shimmery and have great colour pay off - another excellent budget palette! And another great thing is that it's foolproof, each shade is designated for a certain eye area and it shows you where on the back of the packaging. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment, £20
I can't tell you how long I've been eyeing this eye cream up for, either I forget or I can't bring myself to spend £20 on an eye cream - it sounds ridiculous I know! I've heard nothing but raved reviews about this as well, I've never met anyone with dry skin who doesn't like this. 

No7 Hydration Mask, £12.50
No7 are a favourite brand of mine, both their skincare and make-up are great quality and there are always offers on to be had. I read reviews on this and was instantly sold, I've never seen a face mask advertising for very dry skin, they're always normal to dry but my skin does get very dry at times and only certain products help that. (I'm dying to buy this now!)

REN Omega 3 Serum, £23
This sounded like a complete winner for me, I used to take Omega 3 capsules but they'd always make me break out in spots. In the winter my skin needs that extra hydration so a serum is perfect, I love sitting in my pj's with a face mask on - I NEED this.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream, £11
I love the Vitamin E range, I use their Intense Moisturiser and my skin just drinks that stuff up - and the packaging is perfect to apply under the eyes. I'm in desperate need of a new eye cream, one that works against dark circles but hydrates at the same time - is this the one!?

GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud, £39.99
Who hasn't raved about this, I've heard so many people say this is a beautiful, hydrating mask perfect for when your skin needs a long term pick-me-up. It sounds perfect, but the price as it's so expensive I may have to put this on my christmas list. 

Monday, 27 October 2014


Seventeen eyeshadows are always a hit with me, especially their solo shadows that are super cute! Seventeen have a great selection of shades, and they have every eye look covered with both their solo and trio shadow pots.

The Solo pots are around £3.89 each, which sounds like alot for one shadow, but they're worth so much more than that because they're great quality and the pot will last as long as you need it to - I can't take how cute this teeny tiny pot is! 

This stunning shade is Walnut Pearl, a beautiful golden shade with brown undertones - ideal for all over the lid or blend into the crease to create an eye-catching flick. This shade will make any eye colour pop and suit all skin tones, it's effortlessly chic. It's really creamy, very long-lasting and easily blendable with a strong colour payoff so a little goes a very long way with this! I've had this for over a year and still haven't even made a dent in the imprinted design, there's alot of product in this 'teeny tiny' pot as they're much bigger/deeper than your standard MAC shadow. I highly recommend these as they tick all the boxes for me, they're much greater in every area than any other budget/drugstore eyeshadow. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Some of these products are staples in my everyday skincare and make-up routine, products I've loved for a long-time and have never let me down - *Claps hands hysterically!* 

Let's start with my love obsession with coconut and the scent that reminds me of holidays - *slight crazy lady moment.* I can't live without this, it's so rich and creamy and super hydrating without the horrible greasy, sticky feeling. I can put this on straight before I climb into bed and I don't stick to my sheets - even the thought gives me nightmares.

The shade Santa Rose has to be one of the prettiest blush colours I've come across as it gives a gorgeous natural flush colour, blends out seamlessly and is very long-lasting. It's a perfect shades for my skintone, and I also included this blush in my everyday make-up post here.

Again, included in my everyday make-up routine - this is similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow as it gives a stroke of colour matching your natural brow colour, giving my brows a tint of colour and keeping them in place all day.

I'm not usually one for a matte complexion - not ideal for my dry skin but this keeps my make-up on all day, it's very hydrating and sinks in quickly. This is normally priced above £5 but it's always on offer, whether it's money off or on a 3 for 2 deal, I never buy this at full price!

Perfect for the colder months when my skin is alot drier because they're a cream as apposed to powder so much more hydrating. These are super creamy and very long-lasting with great pigmentation - I included these in my must have shadows here

Saturday, 25 October 2014


I've had these a while but never got round to using them and that may be because I forgot about them - insert sad emoji. I haven't seen alot of reviews on these, a few people quietly raving about them but nothing too much. Similar to building your own budget MAC palette as each individual shadow can clip and slide together and on there own cost around £2.99, (Now 3 for 2 at Boots!) 

You can create your own customised palette that's interchangeable, given your mood or current season, so it suits all make-up moments. These come in 3O stunning shades, with three different finishes; pearl, matte and shimmer. They have great colour payoff and blend out seamlessly with a little help from my MAC 217 blending brush - the only blending brush I'll ever need! 

I chose Sand and Bone that are very neutral and subtle everyday shades you can work into any look. Sand is a very simple, light skin colour with a shimmer finish - I use this as a base all over the lid then go in with Bone that's a light, matte brown ideal for the crease. 
These both blend out very easily with a pretty, buildable colour payoff - at first they tend to come out a little chalky with slight product fall out but they apply without ease and slowly but surely you can build a beautiful eye look with these. They do need a little retouch towards the end of the day just to keep your look going, but they don't crease or fall away and sit comfortably on the lid - Revlon, you genius!

Friday, 24 October 2014


You may have heard of Banana Face Masks, but I'm talking about Banana conditioners. You're probably thinking why would you put banana's in your hair? Why not! I'm taking tips off Mumma November but doin' it with The Body Shop's Banana Conditioner.

It is what it says on the tin/bottle, a basic banana puree conditioner that's very thick and creamy, it feels very nourishing and soothing. A basic beauty classic, perfect if your hair needs a little pick-me-up at the end of a long week. This left my hair feeling super soft and well-loved as well as being alot less tangley than what it would usually be. This smells like sweet, sugary bananas - like those little rubbery banana sweets you get in a pick and mix - who remembers those!?

The Banana Conditioner is such a basic product it's almost under-rated, whether the idea of putting banana's in your hair seems a little weird or it's hidden away so far in the corner in The Body Shop that it goes un-noticed. This is better than slapping the stuff on your face or eating them, though you can't get your five a day from this! 

Thursday, 23 October 2014


No surprise here that I have big-time holiday blues, it's feeling I can't shake off at the moment. Especially when I left such a exotic, gorgeous island full of lovely people. I love sunning myself while I'm away but that doesn't mean I don't know my limits, day by day I take it easy until I'm a different shade of mahogany! 

Mexico is such a beautiful place I can only recommend, although it's not my first time I've been I still get the same feeling when I leave. I love holidays, I love everything about a holiday. That time of being away from home and knowing you have a period of time where no-one will try to contact you, you don't have to get up for work or school and all you need is your beach bag. I'm already looking at where I want to go preferrably tomorrow but as it turns out it's 2015. *Serious Thumbs down*

Does anyone else get serious holiday blues? I'm so bad for rubbing it in peoples faces but as soon as I'm back and people make a big deal about them going away I just want to punch them, no joke, jealously isn't a beautiful trait of mine. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I love finding new skin bits to try out and see what I love, then some can become staple products in my routine or ones that I know I can always go back to. Some products I've been eyeing up for while, debating whether or not it would be worth the money and the fuss! 

In Autumn/Winter time my skin becomes alot drier so it needs all the hydration it can get, starting from the shower first thing in the morning. If you've been following this blog for a while you'll know how much I love the smell of coconut, it's such a beautiful scent that reminds me of holidays. The Super Beauty Coconut and Acai Shower Gel promises ultimate hydration with the Omega rich Acai and the skin softening Coconut. Sounds delicious! 

My Skin always prefers milk or micellar water cleansers because they remove make-up and dirt but leaves my skin hydrated and plump at the same time. The Anne French Cleansing Milk seems like a really classic, simple cleanser that doesn't over complicate the whole nightly routine.

And Lastly, The Montagne face masks which are always a safe bet when it comes to skincare. They're just so cheap, yet they're so good. I can't explain it. I picked up two which are targeted towards blackheads and giving your skin a deep clean. (Something that I need to keep on top of!)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I recently discovered the Collection Eyeshadow Palettes yet only ever tried the Lasting Perfection Concealer, Surprise Surprise!  I recently posted about their Nude Eye Palette you can find here, an array of gorgeous whites, creams and brown shades with great lasting power. I read Amelia's review on the Little Mix Palette and was completely sold, the shade selection is stunning and the price isn't too bad either. (Pats self on back!) 

Six super creamy shades with a buttery texture and great colour pay off, need I say more! This would be a great gift to stick in someone's stocking as a cute little present. This has to be the perfect budget smokey eye palette, or if you're wanting the bronzed goddess look, I haven't found something better than this in the budget beauty market; the shades are b-e-a-utiful, with a variety of matte and shimmer thrown into the mix, what else do I need...

Monday, 20 October 2014


I love wasting my money on beauty products, either new launches or something I've lusted over for months. Not being able to bring myself to pay full price for something unless I've read countless reviews and wanted it for several months, but other than that I usually search different sites for many hours at one time for a must-have bargain. 

I've been lusting over the Tarte Amazionan Clay Airbrush Foundation for a while now, and to go with this I need the Tarte Foundation Brush, Obviously! I chose to go with the bigger Foundation Brush just because I prefer I bigger handle rather than a tiny kabuki brush kind-of-thing! 

I couldn't get over how cute this Bobbi Brown Eye Palette is. With Eight gorgeous shades, tortoise shell packaging and of course in mini version I was completely sold. (I can't handle the cuteness!)
Everyone but me has the Hourglass Blush Palette, yet again, the blush shades are stunning and a set like this is a staple item to have in your stash. 
I was scrolling through a concealer I hadn't already heard of and stumbled across the Make up Forever Camouflage Palette, this one is for lighter skin tones but I chose this one as apposed to the light to medium palette because this one has the green tone rather than a blue, the green with work against my blue-y, purple under eyes. Something I am in need of for sure! 

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Image -
I know what you're thinking, why Kate why! Is it me or is it too early to talk about the greatest of all that is in-fact winter and Christmas time, I'm feeling extra festive recently. Now I'm thinking about it, maybe it is too early, oh well! I'm excited for winter, I'm excited for so much because this time of year is the time that alot of goings-on are happening.

1. My Birthday in November, I'm so excited for my birthday as it's just around the corner and of course it's a big one!

2. Cosy Nights in, this is what Winter is all about especially if I have comfy pyjama's and thick bed socks. The Fire's burning away beautifully, I'm just chilling snuggled under a blanket with my pj's and a good film on.

3. Scarf weather, you know what I'm talking about, technically it's scarf weather now but as it gets colder my scarves tend to get bigger and thicker! I love wearing big, thick scarves during the colder months, they make a big statement to any outfit. 

4. Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cuppa Soups... Any Hots drinks make an appearance when it gets colder outside, I currently have a cuppa soup on the go. Costa Coffee Christmas menu is the best and Gingerbread Latte's are my favourite when I'm buried underneath a big, tartan scarf with my woolly gloves on all snuggled up. 

5. PRESENTS! Who isn't excited for presents, whether it's receiving them or giving, I'm excited for both. I love finding the perfect gift for someone and making everything look beautifully presented all wrapped up with a pretty little bow to top everything off. 

6. The wellies are dusted off and the Beanie hat is ready is make an appearance, just sayin'! 

7. PLEASE SANTA; LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IS SNOW! (Oh god, the festive feeling is strong!)

8. The Perfect Winter Coat is what I'm looking for. All I can say is it's long, with faux fur and so darn beautiful. But where can I find it!? 

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Are you looking for the perfect winter blush? Because I have just the thing. Revlon Photoready cream blush is a lovely blush colour that's really creamy and silky smooth. It's really easy to apply, either with a buffing brush, you can slowly buff this into the cheeks or glide it on with your fingers, either way your cheeks are going to look blushingly beautiful.

You The formula is really lightweight and to be honest I can't even feel this once I've got it on. I used this blush whilst I was away recently, read my beauty abroad post here,  if I wanted my cheeks to look all pretty around the pool I turned to this because it's so glowy and it lasted all day. The blush is quite subtle and natural looking but it's also buildable, and can highlight your cheeks either with one swipe or ten. It blends out into a gorgeous, natural blush colour and doesn't dry out or flake away, it's stays very soft and cheeks feel hydrated all day. You'll definitely be PhotoReady with this blush!

Friday, 17 October 2014


These are new to the beauty world, and a staple in any lipstick lovers handbag especially if you're a lover of Nars Velvet Lip Pencils. Maybelline recently launched their Color Drama Lipsticks in a variety of shades, ranging from that subtle, ever so thought out pinky tone to a bright and vibrant, out on the town red. Maybelline have got this covered.*Yay for Maybelline!* 

The Lipsticks/Pencils, whatever you want to call them, are super creamy and soft. The colours are highly pigmented and all the colours are show-stoppingly beautiful. The packaging is very simple and sleek, with the added colour on the end of the lipstick it's easy to tell which shade is which, *claps hands.*

Not only are they SUPER creamy but they glide on without tugging/pulling at the lips, and the colour pay-off is incredible for a budget brand. They're really long-lasting and only need the odd touch up, so there's no regular fuss or lipstick on the teeth situation happening. They don't dry out my lips or flake away and dry matte on the lips after application.  

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Everyone loves a cheeky purchase from Muji, and it mainly contains storage ideas or cute little bits and bobs, for any beauty hoarder they need somewhere to store products, but where they're easily accessible but also always visible, the answer I hear you ask is Muji, of course! 

1. The Range - Depending on the size or amount of drawers, whether you want flippy lids of no lids, small compartments or no compartments, Muji has this covered. The Range is impeccable because it has such a wide variety; thin, wide, tall, small...

2. The Price - The drawers are very affordable and Muji constantly have sales or deals going on, whether it's online or in their store, you can also find the odd cheeky promo code lying around somewhere. 

3. The Size - The two wide drawers alone are great because they can fit so much in, they're just the right size. I can fit so much inside the drawers and I can stack products on top of one another to create two rows inside the drawers which creates more space. 

4. The Look - It looks good, it really does because you can see all of your products and everything's on display but it's all set out beautifully.

5. Organisation - Everything's organised so there's no need to rummage around having to find something, you can still see the products inside the drawers and they're easily accessible. 

6. Everything has a home - before I couldn't find anything or it would all be dotted around in different places, or even all piled into a box but now they have a lovely acrylic home! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I have to admit I'm a serious lover of these eyeshadows, they're just perfection in a pot! I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on more, they're variety of shades are perfect and suit all eye colours. The pots are so long-lasting and have alot of product inside, a little goes a long way! The shades are really pigmented, some have a slight shimmer but no glitter, they're really creamy and feel really comfortable on.

I have the shades; Permanent Taupe: a class, smokey grey - On and On Bronze: a beautiful, shimmery gold - Pink Gold: a soft, natural rose - Metallic Pomegranate: an  standard Autumnal shade. I tend to wear them on their own because they're so stunning on the lid just by themselves but you can mix and match and create different looks. They don't crease on and the colours are very long-lasting and stay put. You don't even need to use a brush with these, you can glide them on with your finger because the formula is so creamy. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I originally matched this foundation to suit my natural skin tone before I went away, and recently coming back off holiday my tan hasn't quite faded yet. I have tried this foundation but only indoors, otherwise I'd look like a white head attached to a mildly brown body. 

The Foundation itself is very affordable and accesible, for me anyway as I know in my local Boots it's readily available and there is always some sort of offer on L'oreal products. It's perfect for on the go, if you have a full day ahead of you and want to touch up on the go you can literally throw this in your bag and you're ready, as it already has a brush attached to the product. The brush isn't that great a quality, I would say it's quite rough and scratchy and doesn't blend out that well. Although it's great for on the go, I wouldn't use this as part of my everyday routine when it comes to applying my foundation. 

The Powder is very lightweight, it's easy to blend out and it lasts with the odd touch-up from time to time. It covers red areas well, although it's no concealer it leaves a natural finish on the skin. I'd say it's more a medium, build-able coverage that doesn't sit uncomfortably or irritate any sensitive or drier areas. 

Monday, 13 October 2014


This week I decided to go back to the best when it comes to skincare, I've been trying different face creams for a while now but nothing compares to this. The Body Shop have a great selection of products and the Vitamin E range is perfect for me and my skin type.

The Intense Moisture Cream is incredibly hydrating, a very thick cream that sinks in almost immediately once you've applied it. The cream is very soothing and calming, leaving my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. This doesn't feel oily or greasy, it's very silky when it with my fingers but it doesn't sit uncomfortably. When I've used this in the past my redness disappeared because of this product, and my skin looked healthier and felt less dry and irritable, over time it really did work its magic! 
This cream will be one of my staples, especially through the winter months because it's lovely and the formula is so rich. It's easy to apply and a little goes a long way as it's such a thick cream, this leaves my skin very soft and plump throughout the day and works great under make-up, there's no slipping or sliding! My skin is very dry and sensitive and this really is perfectly suited to all my skins needs, it hydrates, soothes and calms and tones any uneven areas, and one pot lasts a good few months! (This is a seriously good product, I won't be using anything else for a long time.)

Sunday, 12 October 2014


I prefer more of a natural, minimal finish for the everyday and with my skin type most heavier, liquid foundations just don't cut it. They're too heavy, sit uncomfortably and end up irritating my skin and because of this I tend to sway more to medium coverage powder foundations. 

The No7 Mineral Powder Foundation is great for me; it's easily accessible, very affordable and has great, build-able coverage. Covers all my red areas perfectly, doesn't dry out my skin and the finish is semi-matte, so it stays put but there's still a little sheen to my skin. 
Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara has to be one of my favourite mascara's, and one of my favourite finds of the year. It lengthens my lashes without flaking or any clumping and it's easy to remove. Can we just take a moment for the gorgeous packaging that is infact rose gold, arhh! 

I usually fill in my brows because they're quite sparse so I fill in any areas with the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil as this is such a creamy, blend-able pencil. Then brush everything through with the Maybelline Brow Drama, this finishes everything off adding in a little tint of colour and keeps my hairs in place all day, a seriously good product that I can't go a day without!
For contouring I use The BodyShop Honey Bronzer, I've had this for so long I haven't even hit pan yet! A beautiful colour, looks very natural on the skin and blends out beautifully. For blush I use Rimmel mono blush which is a stunning and very under stated product, this is more a natural flush colour and blends out very easily. 

Friday, 10 October 2014


I recently reviewed both products, The Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and Sarah Chapman's Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster. Both luxury, expensive products targeted towards dry skin to help renew moisture, great for Winter when skin becomes more tight and drier. I've been looking for products that would help hydrate any dry patches and keep them at bay, I've mainly been looking in the budget market and although I have come across a few they only tend to give me an instant fix instead of relief long-term. I didn't want to fork out for the more higher-end products because they can seem a little ridiculous in price, and aren't in everyone's budget. But I decide after reading an extensive amount of reviews and finally caving, I'd buy these two products and since then I haven't regretted it, it's the best thing I did - for my skin anyway!

The Clinique Moisture Surge Mask is perfect at relieving tightness, irritable skin and putting moisture back in when there's little, if not any left. The Mask is very creamy and light, it doesn't irritate or sting and sinks in very quickly. Once the cream has sunk in, it leaves an invisible layer that sticks around for a while and keeps skin hydrated, because of this invisible layer it's definitely more of an overnight mask. I put this on before bed and let it sink in before my head hits the pillow then when I wake up I have soft skin and surprisingly no flakes or dry patches. 

The Intense Hydrating Booster is a Serum I put on before any moisturiser or creams allowing it to sink in and do it's thing. It feels extremely luxurious and very silky, it's a clear serum that sinks in almmost immediately after application. Again, doesn't irritate or aggravate my very sensitive skin and leaves it feeling very soothed and plumped. I've only been using this for a little while but recently I've noticed that my skin is alot more hydrated, but also extremely plump and alot of my redness has disappeared. Now I can't live without this!

Thursday, 9 October 2014


I must admit I only recently added a toner into my routine, mainly because I thought What's the point? Why do I need to add something else into my routine? I generally try to keep my routine quite simple and not try to add new products in as often as I'd like mainly because I find my skin is at it's best when I use similar products and try to stick to them. 

Since I've included this into my routine I can see a difference in my skin already, I only use this at night when I want to take my make-up off because I find after cleansing make-up can still linger on my skin and this just gets the rest off. This doesn't dry out my already very dry skin, it makes my skin look very plump and glowy and feels really smooth. I had a few red patches/areas on my face, mainly dotted around my nose and chin but these have really calmed down since using this toner. My skin looks more refreshed and hydrated, and to be honest everything just looks alot brighter and more even. My Skin is really sensitive but this doesn't irritate it at all, it's very gentle and calming. My Skin is really weird, it's very dry and extremely sensitive due to my eczema but I also get a handful of breakouts from time to time. Due to this I've had alot less breakouts and when I do get abit spotty they're only small, but once I apply this they tend to heal alot quicker and marks disappear faster. I think this will definitely be staple in my skincare routine, and for the price I couldn't find any better.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I'm sure by the title of this post you can already tell what I'm going to talk about, in my opinion Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, the weathers mild and winter's on it's way, that can only mean that festive feeling and loads of presents! Typically, Autumn shades tend to be Reds, Burgundy's and Brown shades - I'm guessing all the colours of the leaves!

Any nail polish colour can literally make or break any outfit depending on the colour and if everything comes together. Barry M Nail Polishes have been a staple for me for around six years because they're so affordable and the colours are all beautifully pigmented with great colour pay off. Barry M Gelly Polish in Pomegranate and Blood Orange are both gorgeous, high shine polishes perfect for this season. Pomegranate is a brighter pinky/red polish whereas Blood Orange says it all in the name, it's a much deeper red with a strong yet subtle orange tone. (They'd go perfectly with this Zara Bag!)

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry is one I go back to all year round when I want to wear a rich red polish. A Strong burgundy, red shade that completes any outfit, I can wear almost anything with this polish and I know everything will look super pretty! With a gorgeous and long-lasting matte, finish this is the perfect red polish on a budget.

Bourjois Nail Polish in Santal Opulent and Rouge Escarpin are although opposite shades of burgundy, they still made it into this post. Santal Opulent is a rich burgundy red-y/brown shade you can wear in transition from day to night and Rouge Escarpin is a much deeper, darker tone of red but compared to Essie Fifth Avenue which is a typical much red polish, and with a cute name such a this how can you not fall in love with it. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


My beauty wishlist seems to be getting bigger and bigger, if only I had endless amounts of money. But my list is rather big, consisting of plenty of expensive items I haven't got my hands on as of yet. I've wanted the bareMinerals Serum Foundation since it came out, but I don't want the big fuss of having to buy the brush as well, which is kinda what you have to do... The Naked 2 Basics Palette is a new beauty launch everyone but me seems to have, this is always the case. I honestly don't know why I have it, I think it either goes to the back of my mind and I forget about it or I buy other, more important at the moment things. 
Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette and Pillowtalk Lip Liner are items that I'm without a shadow of a doubt going to get, these are such beautiful products to have in your collection as are everything in the Charlotte Tilbury Make-up range. I'll keep dreaming! The Bobbi Brown Palette will have to go on my christmas list, santa take note! This is limited edition so I best hurry, all the shades in this palette are stunningly beautiful and perfect for any eye look. My Burberry Perfume is another new launch, I smelt this as I was away on holiday and I instantly fell in love. It's quite a subtle, grown up scent from what I can remember but very distinctive and rich in scent.

Monday, 6 October 2014


Look what I finally got my hands on! After drooling over this for months on end, I could only dream of having this because of the price tag. But I tried to find something similar on the budget market and continually failed so I decided to give in and get it. Despite the higher price of this stuff I'm glad I finally caved and bought it, this is definitely not budget/purse friendly but this stuff stands on its own above all my budget products, it's like nothing I've used before.

I bought this through feelunique because of their little try me trial they currently have, (as well as a cheeky little discount code!) With the Try Me trial they sent me a 5ml sample for free along with the full sized product I initially paid for. 
By sending me a mini hydrating booster I can try the product before-hand and if I don't like it I can send back the full sized booster un-opened and get my money back! Win, Win.

I've only just began using this so I haven't seen massive change in my skin but as I use this more and more I can see little dry areas becoming alot less dry which for me is a miracle especially coming into the colder months. The Hydrating Booster is almost like applying silky water to your face, it's so weightless yet has all the right ingredients to make skin happier. I've seen more a change from this than I have from anything else, sinks in almost immediately after application and plumps my skin giving me a gorgeous glow and a more even skin tone. I had alot of redness in my skin before but thanks to this it's has gone down so much and my complexion is so much more even and glowing. All these tiny changes are after a few uses both day and night so I'm excited to see the long term changes in my skin from this product. 
Did I forget to mention that this is a serum targeted to make your moisturiser work ten times better!?

Sunday, 5 October 2014


The Perfect Addition for the Autumnal Months because of it's deep burgundy colour, this is a beautiful piece to hold. Anything from Zara is beautiful to be far, but this is something else. It's feels such great quality for the price, this is only around £30 but it's well worth it. The bag is small but it can hold alot and inside there's three compartments, a zip section in the middle and two open sections either side. This bag although comes with two smaller handles it also comes with a longer detachable handle that clips on and off! 

I must admit this is yet again another Hello October enabled purchase, that girl has style and she wears it well, everything she has I want! When I saw Suzie wearing/using this bag at London Fashion Week I just had to have it, it looked so stunning and completed her outfit well. This is one of those bags that will either go with any outfit, or make a statement against an all black outfit. Even-though this comes in black I decided to choose the burgundy colour because it's much more prettier than the typical black bag, and it's perfect for the Autumn/Winter months because of it's beautiful colour. Since getting this bag I haven't been able to stop using it, I just can't help myself!
Would you like a What's in my bag featuring this Autumnal Addition!?

Saturday, 4 October 2014


The only MAC Lipstick you'll ever need?! Well, it's safe to say after putting this beauty in my September Favourites I have fallen for this. Head over Heels. MAC is always a safe bet when it comes to make-up, the brand is so affordable and has a great variety of items and products, there's something for everyone. 

The colour is so similar to my own lip tone as it's a subtle pink shade, it suits so many complexions and a perfect shade all year round! This applies so seamlessly, glides on and dries semi-matte with a slight sheen to the lips. MAC Lipsticks are such a staple product to have, they're really creamy and moisturising with great lasting power behind them and they leave your lips soft and kissable. 

The packaging can only be MAC, it's so distinctive yet simple and chic. Even if you spot this lipstick out of the corner of your eye you can immediately tell the brand, with the black tube and white writing, it's just so beautiful!

Friday, 3 October 2014



It's Autumn time, slowly coming into Winter and all the gorgeous coats are out in full swing. For whatever the weather we need a coat to match, rain or shine. I want all the coats that are listed above because they're all beautiful, despite the price tags. 

I have just recently posted an Autumn Wishlist and that had a stunning jacket listed from Topshop, that jacket is perfect for Autumn but certainly a staple for all year round. I didn't want to post about that twice because it seemed a little repetitive. 

I'm need of a gorgeous Camel Coat because they're so on trend and look flawless with any outfit, they come in so many different styles and colours there's one for everyone out there! Khaki coats will always be on trend and a love of mine, they're so effortlessly chic and keep getting better every year. I think everyone I know has one!