Monday, 13 October 2014


This week I decided to go back to the best when it comes to skincare, I've been trying different face creams for a while now but nothing compares to this. The Body Shop have a great selection of products and the Vitamin E range is perfect for me and my skin type.

The Intense Moisture Cream is incredibly hydrating, a very thick cream that sinks in almost immediately once you've applied it. The cream is very soothing and calming, leaving my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. This doesn't feel oily or greasy, it's very silky when it with my fingers but it doesn't sit uncomfortably. When I've used this in the past my redness disappeared because of this product, and my skin looked healthier and felt less dry and irritable, over time it really did work its magic! 
This cream will be one of my staples, especially through the winter months because it's lovely and the formula is so rich. It's easy to apply and a little goes a long way as it's such a thick cream, this leaves my skin very soft and plump throughout the day and works great under make-up, there's no slipping or sliding! My skin is very dry and sensitive and this really is perfectly suited to all my skins needs, it hydrates, soothes and calms and tones any uneven areas, and one pot lasts a good few months! (This is a seriously good product, I won't be using anything else for a long time.)


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