Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I've been loving alot of different face masks lately, mainly hydrating masks because my skin is fairly dry and I tend to get patches around my face where my skin becomes tighter. In the past they have been more budget, purse friendly face masks but I've wanted to try Clinique's Moisture Surge Range since it was released because it's had such rave reviews. 

The Mask itself is by far the best moisture, hydrating mask I've used so far. Despite the price I've seen more instant changes in my skin from this than I have from any other mask in the past. It's a pink-y/white gel type cream, very similar in colour and texture to the Moisture Surge Face Cream. Very hydrating and sinks in almost immediately leaving a light, hydrating film over my skin once everything has sunk in. Once I applied it before bed and let it sink in and I wake up with smooth, dewy skin. Usually when I wake up my skin is quite irritable with a few dry patches dotted around but after using this mask before bed there was none of this, my skin felt so soft and plump. My fave face mask so far!


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