Wednesday, 1 October 2014


I must admit whilst I was away in Mexico recently it did rain the occasional day, not for long but when it did outside was out of bounds, well for me anyway. The pool was too cold and outside was too wet to step out into so I needed something to do while the rain came down. I posted about Cancun and all the colours it had on offer here. I drank enough water everyday but I needed something to else, I was missing my brews. I love a good coffee or green tea, especially whilst I'm away and by the time it took to cool down the rain had stopped. 

Whilst I'm away, after all the sunshine and cocktails I need some time out and some chill out time. This was perfect just to sit down for a while and not worry what I'm doing next, no plans, just biscuits and brews. They're coffee was spot on and then the biscuit and bread selection on offer was great, they have shortbread, my favourite! I must have been the only one there that kept going back for more, biscuits that is. As they say, Why not? I'm on holiday!
I'd do anything to back there right now just sitting, chilling with a brew. I've spent most of the year waiting for a holiday, like an excitable little kid at Christmas. Not I can only wait for what the future brings. New Job, New Home, More Holidays. Whatever next!


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