Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Fragrance Free Formula is the best body cream I've come across so far. A rich, Emollient cream that's best for my Eczema, as Emollients are aimed to help heal the skin and make it feel more comfortable and moisturised.

With the added Vitamin E, this acts as an antioxidant to help repair and protect skin, as well as targeting premature ageing. The extra added Vitamin E also helps reduce the appearance on scars and stretch marks, giving a more even toned appearance to impurities. (Palmer's have also made creams targeted towards tummy stretch marks and firming the skin, best for new mums!)

I prefer the fragrance free version because my skin reacts to any perfumed products. Even though it doesn't contain any perfumes it still smells like you're on holiday topping up your tan, wish your were here! Palmer's Cocoa Butter is also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, aimed at sensitive skin types. It's so moisturising and hydrating, feels so luxurious on and is a very rich, creamy product that is suited for dehydrated skin.
It also smells like coconuts, but the smell isn't overwhelming or sickly.It sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feel behind, this means you can jump straight into bed or get dressed afterwards, bonus! I always stock up on this stuff, I don't think I'll ever move to something else. For the price, it's perfect for my skin type. 

What's your most loved moisturiser? 



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