Thursday, 19 June 2014

Birkenstock Alternative

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that these sandals have recently come back into fashion? The classic Birkenstock sandal have recently been hitting the highstreet fashion market just in time for the summer, and are selling like crazy. Although, not all of us can afford the typical Birkenstock price tag! The Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, priced at nearly £65 isn't the cheapest, especially for us lot on a budget. Well, I've searching through the internet to find a cheaper alternative. And I think I've found them!

Next are doing a cheaper alternative, Double Band Footbeds in Black look exactly the same and at £20 who's to know! These are the ones I first stumbled across, cheap and cheerful compared to the originals. *Image from Next Online.

Topshop also stock cheaper alternatives to the Birkenstock. Either the FANCIE Double Buckle Sandal Here in White OR Here in a Tan Colour. They also sell the classic Birkenstock lookalike in Black HERE. As well as the classic Birkenstock sandal but with a flatform? Sounds Interesting right! The FANG Double Buckle Flatform in Black.

What are your staple sandals for this summer?

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