Tuesday, 17 June 2014

NEW: L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick.

I'm not a big lover of lipsticks, I much prefer the feel and look of lip gloss. And at least I know it won't end up on my teeth, right?! I love the way lipglosses glide on so easily and are effortlessly gorgeous on everyones lips. They stay put and keep your lips hydrated at the same time. When I saw this I wasn't too sure, it looked like a gloss, felt like a gloss but is actually a 'liquid lipstick,' Eh?

I picked the shade 600 Nude Vibrato, a gorgeous nude colour that sits well and is one of those my lips but better types of products. You know what I mean! 

This sits beautifully on the lips, keeps them hydrated without the help of added lip balm then accidentally mixing the two and wondering whether they'll still work... 

Anyway, back on the subject of this so called 'liquid lipstick.' Its designed to have the colour intensity of a lipstick, the shine from a gloss and the hydration of a lip balm. All three mixed into one, whatever next! I must admit, I kinda agree. The colour is so intense it's almost like wearing a creamy lipstick, its so shiny which is one thing you don't get from a lipstick, the added shine mimics that of a gloss and feels so soft and hydrating which is what a balm does, right? It also comes in a travel friendly size, great to throw in your handbag and will even fit in your pocket if you're on the go. 

Let's get on to the actual applicator, it feels so soft and easily glides on and doesn't leave a tacky feeling behind. Once applied, your lips look fuller, plumper and hydrated and are a lovely, bold colour from just one application. Now I need the rest, boots advantage card at the ready! 



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