Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Soap and Glory Hocus Pocus

I've recently been on the hunt for something to put underneath my foundation to give me that 'summer dewy look' I've wanted. And after reading blog posts from Amelia Liana I stumbled across her 'Budget Primer Edit.' I need something to give me a glow all over my face rather than just on the high points of my cheeks and this does exactly that! This just makes me look alot more alive and makes my skin look dewy and plump.

Although it illuminates, glitter doesn't appear on the skin and make you look like a massive glitter ball. (This does not do that!)I would like to add that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, it's almost cooling when your first apply this and leaves the skin feeling very soothed. Sounds weird, but somehow makes sense?!

Not only does it illuminate my skin but it also hydrates it throughout the day giving my foundation more lasting time. A little goes a long way with this, you don't need alot because it does come out and blend on the skin in like a faint white colour but as soon as you put your foundation on top it's not noticeable. 

What's your favourite primer/illuminator?



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