Friday, 20 June 2014

What do you want to see!?

Ive been uploading several posts on Vanilla in November, but I don't actually know what you guys want to see. What do you want to read about!? What do you enjoy! You guys are the reason for this blog but I don't actually know what you want see. I've just based ideas around other blogs I've read and what others enjoy reading. Does that sound as stupid as it seems!? It would be great if you guys could comment on this post please. I realise that I am a newcomer when It comes to blogging and Vanilla in November is brand new. But in order to keep Vanilla in November up I want you to tell me what you enjoy reading on blog posts and seeing. I am loving blogging and I have plenty ideas but it's whether you want to read them. I want this blog to be a success and a much loved site so I can carry on this hobby I've been absolutely loving! (Guys, changed the settings so anyone can comment. What you waiting for!?)

Also, what's your favourite blog at the moment?

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