Friday, 24 April 2015


First I would like to apologise for almost being in existent since December. Honestly, losing interest in blogging it was nice to take time off and really think about what I wanted and where I stood when it comes to Vanilla In November. 

After deleting V.I.N and then trying to restart on several other blogs, I would always struggle with beginning again and again, over and over. My heart lies with Vanilla in November, everything about it is what I love. I worked so hard to build this blog up, even where it is today is an achievement to me. 
After working two jobs, seven days a week and trying to blog - I began to lose interest, I lost the fun in blogging and slowly began to go off the idea. After reconsidering for so long, it was only a matter of time before I was back with a bang. 

And last but not least, this is my little space and always will be. Something I take pride in and I've come back with a bang, and still the same rubbish one liners...  But after all that, I'm back. YAY! :) 

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