Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

I love defining my cheek bones and adding a little bronzer on my temples, even if I'm going for a natural make-up look. I find that adding bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face as well as adding definition to cheekbones makes you look alot more alive and awake. I'm not sure how to explain it, but to me it makes your finished make-up look more natural and glowing. I find alot of bronzers are a kind of orangey colour that looks too obvious and fake on the skin. It ends up looking a little too much and sometimes adding only the smallest amount can be too much. I've found a new bronzer that does the exact opposite and it's been hiding away in The Body Shop!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is something I havent come across in other bronzers, it's not a kind of dirty orange colour and alot of them can be. It's very sheer and buildable which is what I love about this bronzer! Looks very natural on the skin and isn't noticable unlike others I've tried in the past. Since hitting the beauty market it's been in short supply at The Body Shop due to its popularity,raved about through alot of different beauty bloggers. Remember this is a pressed powder so there's no fall out from the packaging or after application and doesn't transfer on to the skin as a powder, it feels creamier than a normal powder. Comes in four different shades to suit different skin tones, I chose shade number three, Medium Matte. Although, I think 03 is abit dark for my complexion it is buildable and a little bit goes a long way. I think moving to the shade up from your skin tone is great for the summer especcially when you have a tan. You don't want that awkward brown body, white face look do you! I love the packaging, its very chic and great to chuck in your handbag. It looks gorgeous and also has a lovely compact mirror inside underneath the lid. This is a perfect product for paler skin tones as it gives a subtle glow to the skin. Those that find it hard to use a bronzer that isn't too dark on the skin and doesn't come across as an orange colour.I'm just in love with this bronzer, is it really that noticable!?

Whats your favourite bronzer?




  1. So far my favorite bronzer has been Hoola by Benefit! It really is worth the rave. How much did the honey bronzer go for? Is it worth the price?


  2. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer goes for £13, but with a Body Shop members card you can get 10% off. Atm they have a 40% sale. They've always got deals on! :)


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