Sunday, 27 July 2014

Budget Hand Cream

Is this the best hand cream ever!? Soap and Glory hand food is a staple hand cream for alot of people. It's a beautiful cream that you can apply whenever you want and as often as you like. Soap and Glory have recently added a 250ml pump bottle to their collection of hand food, and this is a staple on my bedside. It's easier to apply and with the pump you don't have to worry about dipping your fingers into a pot of cream.

This must be my favourite hand cream of all, I've tried alot of hand creams from budget to expensive buys and I've never come across one that promises everything. This is non-greasy, sinks in quickly without the sticky feeling, easy to apply, it leaves my hands feeling nourished and hydrated. The best thing about it is that because it's non-greasy and sinks in quickly I can apply this as much as I like and as often as I want. 

It's also great because it comes in a travel friendly 'mini' size of 50ml which is great for travelling, able to take this on plane journeys without exceeding the liquid limitations. 
There's no added fragrance or perfumes but it has a gorgeous, light, fresh smell that lingers around a while after. The scent of this cream is really uplifting and refreshing. 
This cream doesn't sting or irritate my skin even at its worst, it helps nourish and replenish the missing hydration my hands are in desperate need of.

The packaging is very girly and quirky and instantly draws your eyes in, it's recognisable to any Soap and Glory lover. If you're unsure about using this you can always buy the mini hand food which won't break the bank, I love when brands offer a smaller size of their products so you're able to try the product without committing to the full price. Is everything you could wish for in a hand cream!

Have you tried this product?



  1. I absolutely love Hand Food - smells gorgeous! One of my all time favourite hand creams. Helen xx (

    1. It's such a lovely cream at an affordable price. And the smell isn't sickly either. Thank you :-) x


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