Saturday, 5 July 2014

Kate Spade Wallet

I've been searching everywhere for a new purse for a while and I've been scrolling through Kate Spade to find something beautiful. I found the Cherry Lane Lacey Wallet in Black, it is gorgeous. I have been absolutely obsessed with this since I got it! 

The inside is lovely as well because it's so easy to separate your cards and receipts from your keys and spare change. The inside has slots for your cards on either side so you can fit a minimum of 8 on each side. Then the coin section in the middle which has multiple sections underneath the zip compartment which is great for storing your change on one side and your keys on the other. Although, this purse looks quite flat once you unzip this you can actually fit quite alot in which I was surprised at! 
Comes in tropic blue, surprise coral and gold but I wanted something that would go with everything and last me long enough that the colour wouldn't put me off it in a year or so.
Black goes with everything and it looks so chic. The feel of it is so soft and smooth and you can just smell the leather. Plus I know it won't get dirty and as the purse and the leather become older it will look even more beautiful. (Fingers Crossed!)

What's your favourite brand?

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