Sunday, 6 July 2014

Removing your Nail Polish

There's so many different products out there in the Beauty Market to remove nail polish and each one caters to different needs. Whether you want a nail polish remover to take extra care of your nails by strengthening them, giving extra nourishment and moisture once the polish has been removed, some are also acetone free and more suitable to sensitive nails. There's loads out there yet most of us just pick up the standard Nail Varnish Remover without even thinking about it. We give everything else on our bodies extra care, so why not our nails?!

Moisturising/Nourishing - 
These are similar if not the same, moisturising/nourishing nail polish removers ensure your nails aren't dried out after taking off all that polish. They leave your nails feeling soft and supple and feel comfortable without the polish on.

Acetone Free -
Acetone is a strong smelling liquid solvent that quickly swipes away any nail polish. Acetone is a very harsh ingredient that can harm the skin and take away any natural oils. This ingredient can also dry out the nails and anyone with nails that are already fragile should avoid any remover with Acetone in. The Acetone Free Removers will take longer to take away polish than removers with Acetone in but are alot less harsh on the nails.

I picked up the Nourishing Nail Polish Remover for my nails because they can often feel dried out when I've taken my nail polish off, and this helps them a hell of alot. I poor a little into the bottle lid then poor it onto cotton pads, this ensures I don't spill the product everywhere. Once I've used this it almost feels like it's left some sort of film on my nails, they feel very soft and moisturised. It doesn't make me feel as guilty when I'm constantly painting my nails different colours. 

Bourjois have brought out a new product, their Magic Nail Polish Remover. This gets rid of the awkward fuss, there's no product spillages or cotton pads needed. The pot is lined with foam inside drenched in nail polish remover and there's a finger-sized hole in the middle where you dip your finger in then twirl it around to remove any un-wanted polish. Great for anyone who's too busy to sit down and take time out. They've also brought one out you can use for both your toes and your fingers! 

What do you use to remove your nail polish?

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