Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nail Polish Storage

I love this type of storage idea, especially for your nail polishes. You can see all the different colours, it looks beautiful and vibrant sitting on my desk. 
Really draws my eyes in and adds something different to an ordinary make-up station/desk and a cute, simple idea that looks adorable. 

Okay so it isn't the most practical way to store your nail polish, but I find it to be much better than organising them perfectly on a shelf or tray. 
Storing them in a big jar like this you can just chuck all your polishes in and mix everything up, then you'll see a rainbow of colours and looks effortless. (The ribbon adds extra cuteness!)
Great for me being a perfectionist as don't have to worry or examine if any nail polishes look out of line or aren't the same size as others, you can mix them all together and sit this were everyone can see! No matter which way you look at this you can see the different colours clashing against one another creating a beautiful design.

How do you store your nail polishes?

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