Sunday, 20 July 2014

Simple Healthy Breakfast

If you're a foodie like me and want something easy, simple but healthy for you're breakfast then I've got just the thing. This really filled me up until dinner and I felt really refreshed and full but felt like I was giving my body the important nutrients it needs.

I made a fruit smoothie from 500 ml of cold water, a handful of strawberries and two bananas. This is very simple and helps you get in two of your five day as well as having a glass of water to re-hydrate you in the morning. The water made the drink more refreshing and liquid-y, the banana thickened up the ingredients and made the drink into a frothy smoothie and the strawberries added flavour. This made two smoothie drinks so I could have one with my Breakfast then pop the other batch into a water bottle and into my bag for later. 

I basically made scrambled on toast but added my own stamp on to it, I used brown wholemeal bread, two eggs and half a tin of tomatoes. This really filled me up and the tomatoes added abit of extra moist as well as another ticked off my five a day list. So far just by eating this for my breakfast I've already had three of my five a day and 500 ml of water. The only butter I used was to swipe across my toast, I only used a small amount of milk mixed in with two eggs to make the Scrambled eggs. 
Eggs are great for breakfast because they keep you fuller for longer so you're not snacking in between meals, they also assist weight loss and they are a good source of protein. 

Do you have a favourite healthy breakfast idea?

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