Sunday, 20 July 2014

Fifty Facts About Me

I thought it was about time I let you know more about me and my life and thought the '50 Facts About Me' tag would be a great way to do so.I struggled getting reaching 50 but in the end I got there. 
  1. My Star Sign is Scorpio, and trust me it fits in well.
  2. I have the same birthday as Lily Aldridge
  3. My favourite flavour is Vanilla, (Hence the name...)
  4. My favourite scent is Coconut
  5. I love travelling and seeing new places
  6. My most watched programme is TOWIE 
  7. I love St.Bernard's but unfortunately I am allergic to dogs
  8. I'm also allergic to nuts (and the rest...)
  9. I'm a complete perfectionist
  10. I have never ever broken a bone in my body, touch wood!
  11. I am an accident waiting to happen
  12. I love giving gifts
  13. I am very easily distracted
  14. I have a terrapin called Bubbles and she's a girl!
  15. I called her Bubbles because I wanted a fish
  16. I had another terrapin he that died, he was called Fudge.
  17. Bubbles is nearly 15 years old
  18. I hate talking over the phone and will do anything to avoid it.
  19. I'm definitely more of a night owl, I prefer the dark
  20. My feet are always freezing cold
  21. I'm rubbish at anything sporty
  22. Although I do love to Skate, I grew up with a constant pair of Roller skates.
  23. I've been with my boyfriend since I was 16
  24. My boyfriend is me, but in a mans body
  25. I have a really bad sweet tooth, I never know when to stop!
  26. My favourite colour is mint green/duck egg blue. 
  27. My favourite food is Chinese
  28. I hate spicy food, I can't handle the slightest hint of heat
  29. I prefer silver jewellery over gold
  30. I am obsessed with iPhone cases
  31. I love Wine Gums
  32. I also love Cheese and Onion Crisps
  33. I love Aerosmith, The Goo Goo Dolls and Cher!
  34. My best memory was white water rafting in Italy when I was 15
  35. My favourite films are Father of the Bride 1 & 2
  36. I love binge watching telly
  37. I am a total coffee addict, caramel lattes or iced caramel lattes are my absolute favourite!
  38. I wish I had curly hair like Jess Glynne, instead mines straight and frizzy.
  39. My style icon is Olivia Palermo, need I explain why!
  40. I also love binge watching Youtube Videos
  41. I love reading beauty and fashion blogs
  42. I am obsessed with neat handwriting
  43. I don't know what I want to do in life, does anybody?
  44. I wish I had a car, but I don't
  45. I wish I had naturally tanned skin, then I can glow all year round.
  46. I sneeze alot, one after the other, over and over...
  47. I love abit of Coronation Street
  48. I am definitely more of a home body
  49. I respect anyone who has respect for others
  50. I get annoyed and upset easily
There we go, the big fifty. Enjoy!

*Image from Olivia Palermo's Wedding.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank-you! I'm checking yours out as we speak :) X

  2. I've never broken a bone either! When I was little I actually wanted to though which is a bit weird. It was that point in primary school where everyone seemed to be coming in with broken arms and slings and I felt strangely left out >.<


    1. Hahah that's hilarious! I sprained my wrist once when I slipped on some ice and all I could think was damn it why's it not broke! Hahaha I wanted it easy at school for abit and for everyone to write their well wishes on my cast. But no, all I got was a sling. X

  3. this such a fun tag I really like it, I have seen it all over blogs and youtube now and I feel that really soon I will have to do it xx Tilsie (

    1. Yeah it's a good post, everyone loves reading them and you let your readers know a little bit more about yourself. It's something different from your everyday beauty and skincare posts. X

  4. I'd never be able to think of 50 things about me!
    I love this post its such a good idea to shed some personal life onto you blog :)

    1. It was so hard thinking of 50 things, I struggled. This post took me a few days to put together. Thank-you! X


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