Monday, 4 August 2014

Budget Brows

Let's talk about the best brow setter I've come across so far, a drugstore brow setter that's under a fiver. It's like a dream come true right!?
I first began using this a while back but then forgot about it when I moved on to the Revlon Pencil and Gel Brow product in one. You know the one I mean!
Anyway, I've gone off that one abit so I went back to this. Of course, it's a brow gel on it's own without the added pencil attached to the other end. But it is very lightweight and compact so it is still great for travelling. It comes in an array of different shades and I chose the shade dark brown because although my brows are a light brown shade my hair is much darker so it matches more towards the hair on my head rather than my eyebrows. Makes sense?

The brush is weird but so effective for your brows, it's quite a long brush but the end is more round than the rest of the brush and the bristles on the end of the brush are quite long and spikey so they're perfect for brushing the product through and evening everything out. 
It's so easy to use, you literally just swipe this product over your brows once you're finished filling them in with a pencil or shadow or if you want a more natural look then just use this product. The best thing about this is that I sets your brows all day so there's no annoying fly away's and it doesn't flake off or leaves patches across your brows. It doesn't leaves random hard bits of product left behind which I've found with other products. Your brows still look natural even if you're wearing this. 

What's your favourite brow product?


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