Monday, 25 August 2014


I've been loving more and more blogs, not just beauty either which you may be proud of. I've come across alot of new blogs, both popular and not so popular. Shall we get on with this!
Lily Pebbles, who doesn't love this girl? If you don't, why not! She posts everything from beauty and skincare to food and lifestyle. She writes about anything and everything, so there's something for everyone even if you're not a huge beauty junkie there's other posts you'll find interesting. A Beauty Junkie in London is another I've been loving. She writes about product brands I've never even heard of, which is great when you think you're limited in your local Boots. All about new products, different brands and why she loves them so much. Behind Inthefrow is a girl with gorgeous taste in fashion, pieces she teams together creates a beautiful outfit I can only envy. Sincerely Jules is another stunning blog that is well thought out and beautifully put together. Her outfit posts are to die for honestly, you know whatever she teams together will just work! Who doesn't love abit of inspiration, I've learnt alot about my own fashion taste through others and learning to piece together items I never would have done before. Steve Brooker is someone who I've been following for a while but only recently rediscovered his blog. His photography is amazing, his backgrounds are so simplistic and modern. His outfits are very effortless yet well thought out. His outfits just work yet again, but everything doesn't look like he's spent hours planning everything out. It looks like he's literally thrown items on and walked out the door like that because his style is very effortlessly stylish. 

Who have you been loving lately?


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