Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I've been loving alot of different bloggers recently and not just beauty either! Nouvelle Daily is just a beautiful and well written blog. This blog offers so many different posts for everyone to enjoy. I love anything beauty so of course I love to read up on all beauty related posts, but also skin and haircare as well as food posts. Nouvelle Daily has some gorgeous food posts and everything looks so yummy! Another is My Pale Skin written by a lovely lady named Em. Not only is she stunning but her beauty posts are to die for! Her photography is beautiful and everything is beautifully written. Her makeup looks are to die for! Speaking of beauty I've also been loving Essie Button alot recently, I enjoy reading up on her beauty posts but I LOVE her travel posts and at the moment she's currently travelling in and around Germany. Her photography is beautiful and she also vlogs whilst shes away, you should go and check them out if you already haven't! I'm sick of beauty, let's talk fashion! The Little Magpie. A beautiful lady with great taste in fashion, her outfits are amazing, simple yet chic! Everything put together by her seems so effortless but inspirational. From brights to clean whites, patterns to monochrome. This girl wears it all. Not only does she post about fashion but she also dabbles in beauty and they're just as good. The Sunday Girl. If you've got a problem this girls got it covered. Beauty, hair or skin she's dabbled in it all. I also enjoy her daily beauty report posts where you can read up on all the new and latest launches in the beauty world. 

Who have you been loving lately?

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