Sunday, 10 August 2014


There's a number of things I'd tell my teenage self and if you're like me, or you've made the same mistakes then you can sure as hell guess what they already are...
Enjoy being a Child and enjoy having no responsibilities other than school. When I was younger I never enjoyed being the youngest and always wanted to be older. So I always wished I was older and now I am older I want to be younger. I had no worries when I was in secondary school other than getting through the lessons each day other than that everything was done for me. I didn't need money because everything was paid for, I didn't have to worry about getting up on time or disrupting my routine because I woke up the same time every day. 
Stop Obsessing over boys because quite frankly when I was younger they ruined my life for a period of time. I always thought no one liked me or no one looked at me in that way, so I went for the first boy or boys that paid me any attention and by doing so that must have been the worst decision I ever made. I've learnt alot from my past relationships but I still would've paid more attention to myself and those around me that cared for me rather than silly boys that didn't. 
Be nicer to my mum and dad because they did everything for me and they went out of their way to make sure my days went smoothly. They do everything but never expect anything back, and to know that you're happy makes them happy. Yes they chose to have children, but they've always been there for me and they've always tried to help me the best they can. 
It isn't the end of the world if girls fight and fall out because at the end of the day we all know they'll be friends the next day and it will all seem like nothing happened. I remember falling out with so many different girls over the years and looking back it was either over stupid things or over nothing at all. 
Having the latest things doesn't matter, there's bigger things that matter like being happy and making the most out of your day rather than having the most expensive pair of shoes for school. I didn't have a latest things throughout school but then again I didn't have nothing. I never understood the value of money or where it came from, all I saw was this girl has this why don't I have that! When you get your first job that pays well then is the time to splash out and get everything you want and now I buy alot of things I wouldn't have dreamt of having in school.
Being perfect isn't everything and being like that popular girl in school you admire doesn't matter. I spent waaay too much time trying to be perfect when I thought I was completely different to everyone else. I would call myself so many nasty names all the time I actually believed myself when infact nothing was true. You're not fat, You're not ugly, You're not dumb! 

What would you tell your teenage self?

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