Wednesday, 13 August 2014


If you've read my first dinner date post I uploaded the other week you'll realise I'm a big fan of Wetherspoon's, not only isit budget friendly and very inexpensive but it also has a great inviting atmosphere and welcomes anyone into their pubs. Also, it's not your typical pub grub it's so much more tastier than that. Honestly, I chose the Chicken Skewers with salad and a side of peri peri sauce and coleslaw. I loved this, it was so tasty I may have to go back for this! It filled me up until tea and it was so yummy! Although the salad is very basic it's still really lovely, fresh tomatoe's with cucumber and lettuce. I can't complain to say this plus a drink cost me £5.99. How can you complain with that!  

Have you visited a Wetherspoon's?

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