Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I've been eating so healthy lately I'm so happy with how well I'm doing and trying out so many new things. I'm eating foods I'd have never had touched a year ago and I feel so good about myself and far I've come. I went into Holland and Barrett to pick up a few bits and honestly I didn't know where to start, it has so many great things and some you'd had never have thought of. I picked up alot of tea, as you can see... I wanted to try the BooTea 14 Day Detox but at £20.00 I was sure I could find something cheaper. The bargain hunter inside me was crying at the thought of paying £20.00 for Tea! I saw the brand Dr. Stuarts and it was cheap at around £2.19 per box I was happy with that. The Skin Purify Tea seems like such a good idea and if it works I could gain so many benefits from this. A herbal tea that does what it says on the tin basically. Then there's the Slim Plus and Detox Tea's which in all honesty I couldn't choose between. I wanted to try both out to see how both worked, if any and which one was best for myself. The Slim Plus is targeted towards loosing weight and slimming whereas the Detox tea is supposed to refresh your system helping get rid of all the bad, this is good one for when you're bloated. Coconut Water of course, I don't like drinking this stuff on it's own. I've never been a lover of Coconut or the flavour. But I do use this when I'm making a smoothie and it tastes delicious, I can't taste it as much and with all the different flavours it's not off putting. oomf skinny oats is something new I had to try, these have recently come on the market and I've always had this in the back of my mind. Although I'm not too fond of oats and how they taste I thought now I'm being healthy why not? And buying a small pot like this I can try the product and see if I like it without spending a fortune. I love Nairns oatcakes and being on the health kick that I am I chose the organic ones. There something great to snack on and you don't feel as guilty as you would finishing off that bar of chocolate. 

What healthy snacks and drinks do you enjoy?


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