Wednesday, 20 August 2014


This caught my eye, the new and improved Dermablend Corrective Stick that has been repackaged. It does look beautiful, I can't deny that but I'm not as in love with this as much as I wanted to be. I wanted this to work but it just didn't for many reasons, one of the being that it doesn't come in a great selection of shades and I picked up the lightest shade I could find. Mine is in the Shade Sand and even that is way too dark for my skin tone. This is definitely a product aimed at darker skin tones or more tanned complexions. A very high coverage product which is great for those pesky under eye bags, it blends really easily but it doesn't glide on as beautifully. When I applied this product I had to press on quite hard because it didn't apply as easily as I'd hoped it would, it's quite a dry product so it's perfect for Oily skin girls but us dry skin girls might as well not bother if I'm honest. It pulled on my under eyes and dragged my skin when I tried to apply this, it didn't sit well and felt quite drying and tight once it was on. This product clung to any dry patches and made them stand out alot more than usual. It is such a beautiful product and I am gutted it didn't work for me because it isn't exactly budget friendly. Although I picked this up in the sale it's still more expensive that what I would want to pay for a Concealer. 

Have you tried this product?


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