Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Rimmel have recently launched a New Mascara with Argan Oil added into the mix. This is a 'wonderful' mascara, despite the name it is beautiful! The packaging is beyond pretty looking to be honest, the rose gold shimmers in the light and makes the mascara look worth more than it actually is. Glides on beautifully and stays put all day without flaking or falling away leaving you looking like a Raccoon. This makes my lashes look longer and much more fuller, I'm not sure how it does it but oh my it does it good! The only thing I am debating about is how big the actual applicator is, this makes it hard to reach your corner and lower lashes without poking your eyes out. Although the wand does bend every direction possible it is an ultra-flex brush which is meant to hug all your lashes without any fuss. Removing this product is a dream, it's so easy to take off along with the rest of my make-up. It really is my staple mascara at the moment and this is the one I always reach for. It's almost everything I've been searching for in a Mascara and it ticks all the boxes for me anyway and to be honest I don't feel as guilty when applying Mascara because of the added Argan Oil. I know that might sound a little silly but I feel like I'm giving my lashes a little treat and I picked this up in the sale so it can't get any better than that right!

Would you try this product?

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