Monday, 29 September 2014


Autumn is in full swing and it's finally here, leaves are across the ground and the mild weather and darker nights and settled in. I'm slowly adding more and more to my so called 'imaginary' list but I needed something in concrete so I could focus more. Some of these items/products have been on my list or even in my mind for a while, a good few months anyway and others I've just stumbled across and thought they'd be great and a perfect staple piece to take me through to the new year.

I probably have a longer beauty wishlist than fashion because although I am into fashion I tend to pick up a new piece here and there whereas when it comes to beauty, if there's a new launch I have to have it or if a blogger has boasted about how good a product is I have to get my hands on it. I find it easier to blog about beauty as well because that's what I'm most interested in and what I find comes quite simple although you never know things may change, as they always do... 

On the other hand, I shall must update my wardrobe through the different seasons, because of my recent holiday my wardrobe seems to be 3/4 full of summer clothes that I just can't wear here. I may get away with them if there's another heatwave sometime soon but I highly doubt that, so for Autumn/Winter weather I need more clothes, more suitable clothes. Any Excuse to go shopping, this one isn't an excuse though! 


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