Thursday, 11 September 2014


If I said I'm excited that would be an understatement because Today I'm off on my holidays, it's been a long time waiting but it's finally here thank god! Off on a plane to the Caribbean Sunshine, sipping cocktails all day long and laying in the sun catching a tan. (I can't complain!)
Skincare on a plane is a must for me especially on a ten hour flight because my skin dries out and then I turn into an irritable, grump idiot. My choice of hand cream is fairly obvious as this one is a staple for me that is constantly being repurchased. Palmer's Cocoa Butter, it's really moisturising and smells delicious (Like Holidays!)  
Simple Radiance Face Cream is a new find for me but oh man it's a good one, its great for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate or make me feel uncomfortable. Leaves my skin feeling soft, plump and moisturisied and it comes in a 50ml bottle so it's fab for travelling. 
Obviously I'm taking a Lip Balm, I can't stand my lips being dry and cracked especially on a ten hour flight where I have no access to a balm. I always have one in my bag, or on my desk at home even if I'm close to shop I'll go and buy one if I'm in need of one.
Another must on a plane is a Portable Charger in case my iPhone or iPad dies from being used too much, mine is from Asda and it's fairly simple and easy to use and lasts for a few charges. Tissues, because on every flight no matter what my nose runs like mad. I tend to feel like I have a cold on a flight and never have a tissue on hand. Earphone Splitter, just because this is a must when there's two of you and only one of you has the newest music, (and the best I'd like to add!)  
Then there's a Magazine, do I even have to say why. Sunglasses are a staple for when I reach the other end and the sun's shining.

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  1. I always bring a magazine but I never read it because I always end up falling asleep lol
    But my portable charger is definitely a must have.



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