Saturday, 13 September 2014


The one thing I struggle with when I'm going away is Make-up, whether to take it or not and how much I take. I try to take my everyday make-up but then a few little extras, powders, creams and a contrast of dark to light colours. But I need it all compact in order to fit into my make-up bag, plus I know I'm not gonna use alot.
First thing is foundation, one that suits my natural skin tone then another that is slightly darker to suit my tanned complexion and I want something light that I'm used to but also something that will suit my skin type and one that I know I can trust and what my skin gets on with. (Not forgetting the concealer for those late nights and jet lag!)
Next is Bronzers, Blushers and Highlight shades which I need powders and cream versions in most so I can wear some during the day on its own at the pool or at night over my foundation when I want a full face of make-up on.
Eyebrows and Eyeliners are a must when it comes to me as my eyebrows are something I have to have drawn and perfected. I need a coloured gel I can use when I want a more natural look but also a pencil when I need to fill them in after a much needed tweezing session! I need to take a Nude Eyeliner as well to make me look like I've had my eight hours sleep every night and not been drinking or lacking in energy.
I need lipglosses, I'm only taking two this time plus a lip balm because the last thing I want to fuss with is this. I'm taking two Revlon Lip Stains, one a more neutral pink shade and another alot more brighter and out there pink-y red.
And Lastly, Eyeshadows and a mix of colours I can change looks either from a natural bronzed eye or a heavy smokey look. Everything has to be compact and in a palette, that alone makes everything a million times easier! I love experimenting with different looks but don't often find the time but on holiday I want to make more of an effort, but also be able to spend two minutes on my make-up and be happy with it so I can enjoy myself.

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  1. Need to try some of these products, great post x

    Freya Blendell


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