Thursday, 4 September 2014


If you've read my recent Beauty Haul post, you'll know I picked this Elf Beauty Book up from TK MAXX for £3.99, which is an absolute bargain. Despite the size it's big but thin so you can still stick this in your bag if needs must. It has 6 gorgeous eye shadows, eyeliner pencil and eyelid primer inside as well as an applicator. It also has how to bronzed Look on the inside and shows you how to create a day to night bronzed look with the products inside. The eye shadows are all beautiful shades, with three day shadows and three night shadows and they range from a highlight, base and contour one for both day and night. You can also use the highlight shades on your cheekbones and the day contour for adding definition into cheekbones. The Elf Primer is great at making your makeup last longer without any creasing or drying, a beige-y skin colour so even on its own it looks like you're wearing a shadow. Very creamy and glides on beautifully, blends out easily but it does dry quickly so you have to fast with this one! The applicator and eyeliner pencil are both very handy and worth keeping inside the beauty book just in case you forget your blending brush or your favourite eyeliner but they are very basic and to be honest I wouldn't use these day to day. 

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