Friday, 5 September 2014


I've been meaning to a Product Empties post for a while, I've just not got round to it if I'm honest. It's something you always mean to do but always forget, well for me it is anyway! 
Revlon Brow Fantasy has just dried up and if I'm honest I'm not that gutted. I wanted to use it up but I won't be repurchasing it. It's good for travelling so maybe when I'm away I will but day to day I'll switch to a separate pencil and gel. I found this to dry up on my eyebrows after a few hours and leave random lumps that were a dark brown colour then the rest of my brow was my natural hair colour. 
Aqueous Cream is a great staple product to have in your bathroom cupboards and you can use it for almost anything. I use to use this as a face mask but I switched to using this as a cleanser in the bath. It's so gentle and moisturising, it's great for cleansing because it removes all traces of makeup without drying out my skin and it's very cheap! 
Aussie Re-constructor Conditioner is a staple product for me after my hairdresser recommended this to me a few years ago when my hair needed some serious help after constantly straightening it. It's really brought my hair back to life and back to it's normal, healthy state. And it smells so delicious I just wanna eat it. It smells so beautiful and fresh and even after you've dried your hair you can still smell it. 
Imperial Leather Bath Cream is great for either bath or shower and really leaves my skin moisturised and soft. They've recently repacked this from the curvy bottle with the purple lid to the tall bottle with the white lid. If that makes any sense! 

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. I've never heard of anyone using Aqueous Cream as a cleanser! Is it any good for removing heavy eye make up?

    Amy |


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