Friday, 31 October 2014


Cream blushers are always a delightful piece of make-up to have in your stash or collection, whatever you have, they add to a natural look with gorgeous, flushing cheeks in every colour you could think of; pinks, reds and oranges.

They're a pleasure to use as well because they're so creamy and hydrating, and easily glide on and with their lasting power they stay put all day. They're a great item to use in the colder months because they add to where the cold would naturally make your skin appear pinker, so by enhancing your cheeks with a cream blusher it still looks natural and no one needs to know a thing. (Shhhh!) 

These are all so easy to use, even in stick form you can literally swipe this across your cheeks; blend, blend, blend and you're good to go. I'd say that Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Blushers are the most pigmented out of them all, you only need one swipe - so a little goes a long way with these. Whereas although the Max Factor Blushers aren't as pigmented they seem to be a tad creamier, they feel like silk when I run my finger continuously round in a circle to pick up a slight sheen of colour, too luxurious to be budget. 

Sexy Mother Blusher in Onamatopeacha, Pinker Belle and Berry Jamm. Revlon Pinched, Bourjois Exclusif and Max Factor Blush in Soft Copper, Soft Pink and Soft Murano.


  1. I love the Sexy Mother Blushers! They are very easy to apply and blend! x

  2. I've tried the Max factor blushes myself and I love them as well ! But I agree on the pigmentation problem :) I've started my own blog, check it out if you'd like : :)

  3. such pretty colors

    check me out



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