Thursday, 16 October 2014


Everyone loves a cheeky purchase from Muji, and it mainly contains storage ideas or cute little bits and bobs, for any beauty hoarder they need somewhere to store products, but where they're easily accessible but also always visible, the answer I hear you ask is Muji, of course! 

1. The Range - Depending on the size or amount of drawers, whether you want flippy lids of no lids, small compartments or no compartments, Muji has this covered. The Range is impeccable because it has such a wide variety; thin, wide, tall, small...

2. The Price - The drawers are very affordable and Muji constantly have sales or deals going on, whether it's online or in their store, you can also find the odd cheeky promo code lying around somewhere. 

3. The Size - The two wide drawers alone are great because they can fit so much in, they're just the right size. I can fit so much inside the drawers and I can stack products on top of one another to create two rows inside the drawers which creates more space. 

4. The Look - It looks good, it really does because you can see all of your products and everything's on display but it's all set out beautifully.

5. Organisation - Everything's organised so there's no need to rummage around having to find something, you can still see the products inside the drawers and they're easily accessible. 

6. Everything has a home - before I couldn't find anything or it would all be dotted around in different places, or even all piled into a box but now they have a lovely acrylic home! 


  1. I love muji storage and this reminds me I need to get myself some new bits and pieces as my makeup collection is gradually expanding x

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  2. You should do a makeup organization tour or something

    check me out



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