Sunday, 9 November 2014


I've been meaning to switch-up my make-up for a while now, when have you not heard that excuse on Vanilla in November! I tend to forget how many products I have then end up buying more and having no where to put them. They tend to sit on my desk somewhere under a pile of other things until I find them a home. True Hoarding Style! 

I've been using The Body Shop Honey Bronzer since it was released, although I haven't hit pan yet I would hate to because it's such a beautiful product. As for Rimmel's Blush in Santa Rose is a very under stated beauty product, such a beautiful blush colour but I don't think the simple silver packaging helps it. It's time for a change, this is happening.

Revlon's Bronzer and Blush have been lingering in the back of my mind for a while, and I've wanted to use them properly for so long yet never got round to it. Another Silly Excuse, when will this stop! They're both gorgeous shades and perfect for any month of the year - but I want to use them and I want to use them now.  

Bronzilla is a beauty favourite from what I've seen with most beauty bloggers, it seems quite similar to The Body Shop Bronzer because due to its brown tones it's more suitable for paler skins. Revlon Blush in Marvelous is quite a dusty pink tone that creates a natural flush, something I'm looking for in the Winter time. *Thumbs up for Revlon!*

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