Monday, 10 November 2014


I've recently done a little switch-up and plenty of beauty products have either been given away or thrown because in all seriousness I needed a good clear out to happen sooner, rather than later. I came across Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and I'm embarrassed to say I received this in Glamour Magazine a few issues ago. 

It's a tiny 5ml sample that's perfect for travelling, and with it being Clinique the packaging isn't too shabby either - insert happy emoji. My mind was set that this was more for normal to dry skin, which in all fairness it is, but with my skin being more on the drier side I thought this certainly wouldn't work for me let alone make a dramatic difference, pun intended...

This being a lotion I expected it to be quite thin and watery in consistency but actually it's fairly thick for a lotion. It's very lightweight, feels like you're applying nothing to your skin but there is something there because it feels so rich and hydrating. This lotion doesn't apply or leave your skin an off yellow colour, something I was worried about! This sinked in almost immediately after I applied this with my fingers, my skin felt very soft and plump - silky to the touch so of course I was very happy about that. Clinique have certainly created a beautiful product right here, I may have to invest in a bigger size, bank card at the ready!

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