Saturday, 22 November 2014


Jo Malone is one of those brands I heard only through blogging, mainly Tanya Burr, but her colognes have been on my wishlist for a while. I smelt their NEW Wood, Sage and Sea Salt Perfume and instantly fell in love with the scent. When I first read the name I thought that can't smell nice or it isn't for me but oh my, I was wrong! 

A beautifully rich scent with a deep smell so you only need a few sprays. It lingers around for a while, I can smell it on myself throughout the day and still smell it on my clothes the next so it should definitely last me a while. This honestly smells like nothing I could have ever imagined and I am pleasantly surprised as it's sophisticated and grown up but I'd wear this either day or night - it's a great scent! With a strong smell of wood and salt mixed together and a hint of floral it completely whisks me away to an exotic beach where I can smell the sea for miles. It's my new favourite thing, I've been obsessed with this since I got it! 

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