Monday, 1 December 2014


I'm a little saddened by the Rimmel Undercover Shadow Primer and I'm not feeling alot any love for this. It's so upsetting because Rimmel is a fantastic brand and nothing I used before has ever let me down. (The only thing I can describe this product as, a let down...) I didn't do my research beforehand and instead went out on a whim and bought this - such a bad move! After not falling in love with this primer, I wanted to see whether anyone else felt the same and oh my, there are so many disappointed people it's unreal.

The wand didn't hold alot of product so applying enough product takes some time, it comes out in a white liquid form but feels extremely greasy and really powdery. It didn't do anything, it was pointless applying this let alone trying to involve it into my routine. My eyelids are quite dry anyway but after using this, concealer began to flake away. It really wasn't worth the hassle, and of course I'm really disappointed especially with it being from a brand I love so much. 

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