Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Basic Essentials for Summer

Summer is here and the sun is shining, finally! This means one thing; make-up, skin care and wardrobe re-vamp. Get out the denim shorts you've been hiding at the bottom of your draw, the Sun Lotion that's brand new and never been used and your favourite Sunglasses you've been dying to wear since last Autumn.This post is all about essentials for the Summer months, consisting of; Hayfever tablets, favourite pair of shorts, sun lotion and sun glasses. Think I've covered everything, or nearly. Hmmm, maybe? There will be a Summer make-up essentials in the near future, be patient guys. 

Hayfever tablets, great for keeping your Hayfever at bay. Or even great for every-day allergies not just pollen. When you're taking a walk through the sunshine and feel like you're full of a cold, your eyes are watering, your nose is running, basically you feel like rubbish. I can't stress enough how much of a Summer essential these are for me! When the Spring/Summer months arrive, these are out and kept in my purse for extra pro-caution. Crazy I know, but very much needed when my eye's are watering.

Your favourite pair of shorts, these have been away for so long you've either forgotten what they look like or you're wondering whether they still fit, (Or both.) Yes, success they're gorgeous and still fit perfectly. Get them on! Make sure your legs are hair-free first. Then we can decide what's next. 

Remember that bottle of Sun Lotion you bought a few weeks ago when the first sight of sunshine came from out the clouds, yeah? Well get it open and get it slapped on! Every area of the body where you have skin showing, in other words put it where your skin is exposed to the sun. Focusing on areas you know will burn more easily than the rest. Now you're ready to step out in the sunshine! Oh don't forget you need your sunglasses, damn!

Forgot where you've put them because you haven't worn them for a while. Uh oh, not good! Turn your drawers upside down and find those perfect pair of sunglasses, the ones you cannot live without. Yes you've got them, get them for when you step out into the sun. Now you're ready. :-)

Have you found your favourite pair of shorts yet? 

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