Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Melt Proof Make-up

You're on the holiday, the sun's out and you can't wait to lounge by the pool. But you've woken up, looked in the mirror and you're not happy with your appearance. You're looking abit tired, debating whether to wear make-up but still want to look like you're wearing none. 

Waterproof Mascara - 
Perfect for when you want to look more awake, and you know you won't have mascara running down your face soon as water hits your face, or even when you're feeling a tad sweaty. (TMI I know, but it happens.)

Lip Balm - 
When applying an SPF your lips tend to be forgotten, we all forgot your lips can burn. The last thing you want is being on holiday, and you have sore lips from being burnt. They're cracked, dry and irritable. Don't forget a lip balm, preferably with an SPF in to keep them from burning. Also, if you're wanting to wear abit of make-up go for a lip gloss on top of your balm or even a nude lip stick. Making your lips look hydrated and plump without anyone knowing. ;-)

Blusher -
Lastly, add a tint to your cheeks to make you look even more naturally gorgeous. Either brush a small amount of powder across the cheeks, or blend in a cream blush. I prefer a cream blush in summer as it adds to a lovely dewy look, making everything look natural. 

If you were by the pool, What Make-up would you wear?



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