Friday, 14 November 2014


We all know and love the classic Vaseline tin, and with it's wide variety of moisture-locking products and special limited edition products there's never a boring moment. They have recently unveiled their Vaseline Queen Bee is a honey scented lip balm, that unfortunately is limited edition so get yours quick because you will fall in love with this product. The gorgeous black and yellow striped is gorgeous, it's so appealing and I am completely buzzing about this one, pun intended...

As soon as I opened the tin I just wanted to eat all of its contents, the sweet, heavenly honey scent is very alluring and completely whisks me away to dream land! It's very sophisticated and lingers around for a while after you've applied it and the smell isn't sickly or off putting which is always a bonus! Vaseline have pulled it out of the bag with this beauty! The clear coloured balm feels very silky and velvety to the touch and you only need the tiniest amount as a little goes a long. It leaves my lips feeling very soft and kissable and feel very hydrated and healthy afterwards. It's no ordinary lip balm, a handbag must-have!

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